Master Harkess
International Instructors Course
August 12th - 14th 2005

Over 100 Tae Kwon-Do exponents from around the world participated in the historic official ITF International Instructors Course in Glasgow conducted by Master Harkess, 8th Degree, of the UKTC.

Master Harkess, a world renowned International Instructor, was hand picked by the founder of Tae Kwon-Do, General Choi, Hong Hi to assist him with demonstrating techniques at ITF courses throughout the world including Europe, Canada, Malaysia, DPR Korea and in 1995 Israel.

The 3 day course followed a similar format to that of General Choi’s seminars and included fundamental movements, all 24 patterns in detail, step sparring including 3, 2 and 1 step, and various stretching and conditioning exercises. In addition Taekwon-Do theory ranging from Theory of Power through to Moral Culture was covered.

On behalf of the UKTD we would like to congratulate Master Harkess for conducting this historic course. We also thank Mr Rooney – 6th Degree UKTC for all his hard work in making the event such a success.

We look forward to future seminars hosted by the UKTD to be conducted by Master Harkess.

David Bogen
4th Degree Black belt

Group Patterns.
Mr Bogen demonstrating 2nd Degree
pattern Choong Jang Tul.
Mr Bogen demonstrating 5th Degree
pattern Moon Moo Tul.
Master Harkess and Master Campbell
demonstrating 1 Step Sparring.
Group photo.
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