Welcome to the United Kingdom Taekwon-Do Dojangs (UKTD)

Tae Kwon-Do is a modern martial art which utilises the body in a scientific way for the purpose of self defence. Tae Kwon-Do is renowned for its exciting and dynamic kicks, which, combined with its comprehensive range of hand techniques, provides an excellent all round self protection system.


Benefits of Taekwondo

Instill positive mental development

Build self-confidence and self-control

Facilitate improved weight control

Enhance Muscle strength, toning, body conditioning and flexibility

Assist in stress alleviation and its management

Improve physical fitness


General Choi Hong Hi, Taekwon-Do Founder, historic first visit to Israel in July 1996

A selection of photos from General Choi Hong Hi in Israel, Taekwon-Do Founder, historic first visit to Israel in July 1996. Included in the group photos below are General Choi (Taekwon-Do Founder), Grandmaster Harkess (Technical Director Israel ITF), Master MacCallum...
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The benefits of Taekwon-Do for academic study

Taekwon-Do not only helps in developing the physique of the practitioner but Taekwon-Do is known as one of the best ways of developing and enhancing the emotional, perceptual and psychological characteristics necessary for those involved with long hours of academic...
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The benefits of Taekwon-Do for children

All parents have a strong desire for their children to grow up safely, becoming strong, confident and respectable adults. However, in today's society exist many negative forces which adversely affect a child's mental and physical growth. Taekwon-Do can serve as a...
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Explanation of Taekwon-Do Tenets:

Needless to say, the success or failure of Taekwon-Do training depends largely on how one observes and implement the tenets of Taekwon-Do which should serve as a guide for all serious students of the art. COURTESY (Ye Ui): It can be said that courtesy is an unwritten...
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Training Secrets of Taekwon-Do

An old proverb says that even heaven cannot make a diligent worker poor. However, in Taekwon-Do diligence or intensive training alone does not produce quality techniques. On the contrary, instructions from a false or unqualified instructor would be worse that not...
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The UKTD offer classes for women, men and junior classes are available for children age 4 and above. Beginners are welcome to join throughout the year.